In 1965, George R. Johnson became interested in a young restaurant company based in North Carolina …Hardee’s Food Systems. After much consideration, he purchased franchise rights to several counties in the Chattanooga, Cleveland, and Athens areas and opened his first Hardee’s on White Street in Athens, Tennessee in 1966. Later, he opened his first Cleveland location on Keith Street in 1967. From there, the company grew to over forty locations now in Tennessee and Georgia.



Yes, George R. Johnson left a strong legacy that we are proud to say is being carried on today by his family. An award-winning company founded more than fifty years ago by an ambitious citizen of Cleveland, Tennessee.

Today, J&S Restaurants continues to be a customer-driven company, with 42 Hardee's locations throughout east Tennessee and northwest Georgia along with plans for several more. 


We are proud of our heritage and the numerous awards we receive yearly for our biscuits. We make them from scratch every morning because that’s the way you make biscuits.


We LOVE Our Biscuits! 


J&S Restaurants is truly a homegrown and locally-based food services company with a long tradition of excellence!


Come be a part of our team!


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